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  • pop-up Pistory Palace 2024

    3.– 5. may 2024Pop-up Pistory palaceŠtefániková 25, Bratislava 81104, Slovakia From May 3th to 5th, you have the opportunity to visit a group pop-up exhibition of contemporary art, where we will proudly present the work of eight contemporary artists on both floors of the Pistory Palace. You will be introduced to Tomáš Bokor, Kika Tomaňa,…

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  • Kika Tomaňa

    Under happy star / Pod šťastnou hviezdou curator: Matúš Novosad14.september – 6.october 2023Pop-up v Art Books CoffeeBratislava 6/B, Bratislava 81103, Slovakia Seriousness aside. The point here is that they met under an apple tree. Some would call it an apple tree, but for Nora it is clearly an apple tree! He looks back and sees…

  • Tomáš Bokor

    Urban Leporelo31.jun – 1. september 2023Pop-up at Art Books CoffeeBastova 6/B, Bratislava 81103, Slovakia Tomáš Bokor, an academic painter and a native of Šamorín, is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. In his last series of paintings called Extinction, he is devoted to destructive-expressionist work, with which he tries to express himself…