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Diana Elischerová

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My name is Diana Elischerová and I am a graduate of VŠVU
completed with prof. Ivan Csudai in IV. studios at the painting department, but I was just starting out at the department of textile creation under doc. Blanka Cepkova. That’s why in my work
painting blends with textiles – both disciplines are related to my subject of interest. Connects their optics, morphology and content inspiration. Some appear in my work the positions of pop art, but the works have a much wider metaphorical reach and expressiveness the ability to evoke different associations. My subject of inspiration is the first look at everyday objects (juicy fruit, lollipops…) but in the creative process paintings/textiles get new, often destructive, decomposing, or decadent ones meanings. They are on an enlarged scale compared to reality and sometimes dominate the entire room. As for example with the textile work, where the motif of a stylized tomato expands from the image
through armchairs (deliberately 60 years of production with a reference to pop art) to the carpet. Textile the works are made of real sheep’s wool using the tufting technique (winding wool into the mesh using a customized „gun“). Another example of such a work is red carpet, which is kind of a paraphrase of ceremonial red carpets, since in addition to the red surface, it also has „immortalized“ shoe marks, so it looks like
red carpet the morning after the event.


Pop-up Pistory palace 2024
pop-up at Pistory palace, Bratislava

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