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pop-up Pistory Palace 2024

3.– 5. may 2024
Pop-up Pistory palace
Štefániková 25, Bratislava 81104, Slovakia

From May 3th to 5th, you have the opportunity to visit a group pop-up exhibition of contemporary art, where we will proudly present the work of eight contemporary artists on both floors of the Pistory Palace. You will be introduced to Tomáš Bokor, Kika Tomaňa, Diana Elischerová, Klára Kusá, Tero Abaffy, Lila Gomboš, Michala Šumichrast.

Group exhibition to provide a platform for both emerging and established artists, the exhibition serves as a bridge between creators and collectors. It is an opportunity for art enthusiasts to discover new talents and for artists to introduce themselves to a wider audience.

Lila Gombos

„In my works, I deal with hybrid corporeality by connecting organic scenes and human body fragments with scenes of the inorganic world into abstracted images and objects that together create a dystopian spatial situation. The human body, which is systematically connected with other beings, thus becomes a plural, a disturbing ambivalent entity or a genderless monster. She is neither completely unrecognizably alien nor completely familiar, becoming a gender-transgressive being moving in a post-apocalyptic environment.“

Tomáš Bokor

In art, some artists stand out for their unstoppable desire to explore the depths and breadths of the human interior and its interactions with the world around. Tomáš Bokor is one of such unique individuals, who touches different directions of art – from painting to photography – with a constant interest in the overlaps of history and the present, construction and deconstruction, urbanism, human values and the essence of life itself.
Tomáš’s artwork is a fascinating mosaic that includes hundreds of works, each of which has its own story and message. Tomáš’s paintings range from watercolors that capture movement and emotion to literally heavy relief paintings created from plaster. This diversity of styles and media reflects his complex view of art and his ability to convey depth of thought through various visual forms.
Tomáš’s painting is not only an aesthetic expression, but also a means for social commentary. His works often deal with contrasts and parallels between the past and the present. He sees the world as a continuously intertwining stream of history, where previous events influence what we experience today. His urban compositions often create space for reflection on the relationship between the city and man, pointing to the change in urbanism and its impact on individual identity.
In a broader sense, his creation is the constant weaving of a network of human values and experiences. His works seek answers to questions about life, love, society and the meaning of existence. Each painting or photograph is like a small fragment of a large mosaic picture that tries to capture the essence of the human being in all its spheres.
Tomáš’s artistic career did not start by chance. He studied painting and photography at the College of Fine Arts in Bramslav and his talent and dedication to art ensured that his works could be presented at exhibitions in Europe and Asia. His works can be found in galleries and private collections.
Tomáš Bokor is a painter and photographer whose work opens a window into the deep dimensions of human existence. His artworks encourage us to think, debate and reflect, making him an important voice in the modern art world.

Klára Kusá

Klára Kusá is a budding artist and activist, she appreciates the techniques of appropriation, experimentation and up-cycling/recycling of various objects and materials. The artist works with finished objects and found materials/photos in the space of a specific gallery or exhibition space. Her artistic practice is experimental, using the tools and strategies of conceptual and post-conceptual art. In his work, he uses performative techniques of appropriation, while synthesizing
several art media to create site-specific installations.

Tero Abaffy

„Tero captures nowadays social and contemporary settings. She creates art with A delicate ironic overflow, which is typical for her. With her own ironic comments on the topics, like true feminine power, gender or social roles, Tero is outlining a personal attitude, meanwhile leaving enough space for the viewers interpretation. She is not playing the role of a judge, but a role of an active observer. At the same time the topics are existentially touching her life. Author is opening the discussion with non-obtrusive, non-verbal lightness talk, through ideal combination of the visual appeal, conceptual components and its subtle sense.“Eleonóra Stanková

Michal Šumichrast

(born 1991) graduated from Bratislava University of VSVU in the studio of free graphics. He lives and works in Bratislava. In his work, he focuses on various contemporary social phenomena, which he likes to make fun of. In his works, he often works with text, mostly in the form of various slogans, with which he complements figural and cat images. Šumichrast’s work is largely influenced by internet memes, pop culture, or various subcultures and the unhappiness of capitalism, which is manifested in individual works through various visual or textual references. In addition to freelance work, he also works on comics, illustration and posters.

Kika Toman

Kika Tomaňa creates in the field of woven and sewn tapestry, painting, soft sculpture and ready-made.

The author wishes to draw attention to the overwhelming, ubiquitous pulse of life, the beneficial potential of personal strength and creativity, the happiness and richness of everyday life.

She likes to work with metaphors and symbols, which are often ambiguous. In addition to upliftment and pleasure, the board would also bring an opportunity for reflection and gratitude.

Diana Elischerová

My name is Diana Elischerová and I am a graduate of VŠVU
completed with prof. Ivan Csudai in IV. studios at the department of painting, but I started at the department of textile creation under doc. Blanka Cepkova. This is precisely why painting and textiles intertwine in my work – both disciplines are related to my subject of interest. They are united by optics, morphology and content inspiration. In my work there are some positions of pop art, but the works have a much wider metaphorical reach and a strong ability to evoke different associations. At first glance, my subject of inspiration are ordinary objects (juicy fruit, lollipops…) but in the creative process of painting/textiles, they get new, often destructive, decomposing, or decadent meanings. They are on an enlarged scale compared to reality and sometimes dominate the entire room.
As for example with the textile work, where the motif of a stylized tomato extends from the painting to the armchairs (deliberately 60 years of production with a reference to pop art) to the carpet. The textile works are made of real sheep’s wool using the tufting technique (shooting the wound wool into the mesh using a customized „gun“). Another example of such a work is the red carpet, which is a kind of paraphrase of festive red carpets, since in addition to the red surface, it also has „immortalized“ shoe marks, so it looks like a red carpet in the morning after the event.







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